Houston Strong | Hurricane Harvey Relief

Earlier today I was blown away driving around Houston out toward Cypress, Texas. It was amazing to see hundreds if not thousands of people coming together to clean up and repair houses. Some of these homes had five feet of water in them. This city will rebuild and come back stronger than ever before. Shawn’s Custom Tees started a donation site www.HoustonStronger.com in which 100% of the proceeds go to those in need. We have lots of awesome designs for Hurricane Harvey and Houston Strong T-Shirts that you will be proud to wear and show your support for the city of Houston and all of those affected by this natural disaster.


T Shirt Screen Printing Cypress TX | Single Color vs. Multi-color

In the t-shirt screen printing process, we often receive questions about why multi-color designs cost significantly more than single color. This is a great question, and I am happy to share with you the reasons why. First, multi-color designs are much more labor intensive than single color. This is because each color requires it’s own individual screens and films, not to mention setup time. So for each additional color the costs  and labor go up. It takes time and experience to make sure each subsequent screen is registered precisely to make sure it comes out right. For single color designs on light colored tees only one screen and film are required. However, for dark colored shirts, an under-base of white is required to prevent the color of the t shirt from showing through. Check out the video below for a more detailed explanation of why single color designs are are less expensive than multi-color.



Located in Cypress TX, a bustling and growing community in northwest Houston, Shawn’s Custom Tees specializes in custom screen printing t-shirts designed either by you or us for your business, brand, product, cause, school, club or event. We also provide our customers with eye popping vehicle wraps to promote their business or service on their car, truck, van, fleet vehicles, trailers, even big rig 18 wheelers! In addition, we make and print top quality jaw dropping signs and banners – basically anything you need to advertise your business, service or event indoors or outside, large or small.

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